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Lifelong Austinites and brand-new tourists love our Segway tour experience and how we offer a unique way to participate in Austin sightseeing and exploration. For over 14 years, we have curated several different tour options to match the parts of the city that you would most enjoy. When you tour with us, you’re not just renting a machine, you’re getting a guided adventure that highlights the history, art, and technology of the Capital of Texas and the live music capital of the world! Our professional tour guides are local experts who will make sure you see all the best sights and detail the in-depth history of our tours’ highlights to ensure that you will see the best of what downtown Austin has to offer in a fun, friendly, and safe manner.

Each tour we offer begins with a personal orientation to make sure your Segway experience is safe and comfortable. Once we’re sure you’ve got the hang of the Segway, we depart for downtown Austin’s most exciting and memorable sights. We offer many tours throughout the day, so we’re happy to fit into your schedule.

From 9:30am to 11:30am, we offer our Capitol Pavement tour to better explore the nearby historic Capitol grounds. The massive 9 block Capitol campus can seem overwhelming at first, but our tour guides will show you the best spots. After gliding around the capitol and government district, we will lead you down Congress Avenue, the live music district, world famous 6th street, and by the beautiful Driskill Hotel. Other sides include Willie Nelson Boulevard, going along Lady Bird Lake for picturesque views of the Austin skyline. We finish by zooming across Lamar Street and explore the new Seaholm district and West Austin. And there’s plenty of time to stop for pictures!

For some fun after lunch, we have our Afternoons in Austin tour starting from 12:30pm to 2:30pm. We start at the Capitol, going back in time to learn all about early Austin, when Sam Houston acted as president of the Republic of Texas. Then, we move to more modern eras as we go down the live music district and 6th street. This tour is great for the best of both new Austin hotspots, decades-old Austin history, and lots of photo opportunities!

See what makes Austin great (and weird) on an exciting tour of the local landmarks with our Keep Austin Weird tour at 3:30pm until 5pm! Travel through the State Capitol, Congress Avenue, 6th Street, and Willie Nelson Boulevard, all while having much more fun than you would on foot. Notable sights include the Driskill Hotel, the monument at Angelia Eberly, and so much more!

For more evening fun, we offer our seasonal Austin Bat tour to watch millions of bats take flight starting at 6pm until about 8pm! From March to October, this unique tour stops on the Congress Avenue Bridge to watch the famous flight of millions of Mexican Free-tailed Bats. Other stops include Lady Bird Lake, Austin’s Moonlight Tower, and so many more historic landmarks.

If you’re brave and up to more spooky delights, give our Haunted History a go. With a late run time of 8pm to 10pm, tour the city’s most fascinating haunted rumors. Find what eerie whispers haunt the pasts of your old favorite local spots such as the Texas Capitol, Driskill Hotel, and 6th street. As well as stops at local bars and food locations!

While we would love to include everybody on our Segway tours, we do have an age requirement of 10 or older, and a minimum weight of 60lbs to be able to handle the equipment. Pregnant guests should refrain from participating for the safety of herself and the baby. Guests will be provided with a helmet and must fill out a liability waiver form prior to all tours. Riders under 18 must have a parent sign the waiver and must have at least one parent or guardian with them. Our rates are about $49-%59 per rider.

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