What Augmented Reality Can Do For You

Austin Cluetivity is a unique company that provides unique, memorable experience for friends, families, and corporate groups alike. Explore significant landmarks and discover new favorites on our creative Cluetivity tours!

What is Austin Cluetivity Indoor?

Austin Cluetivity is a new augmented reality game platform.

But what is augmented reality?

Augmented reality, or AR, is an experience that incorporates new features onto an existing geography. While VR has you put on a goggles to give you a whole new reality, AR takes the world you already live in and overlays a new reality on top of it. (It’s the same technology used for Pokemon GO!)

Austin Cluetivity takes this technology and maximizes its potential for your business or group of friends. We offer customizable mini-game challenges to foster team-building and player cooperation, perfect for a company to set itself apart. Not only are these games fun, but they have several potential benefits for your math skills, memory, and logic.

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We’ve designed several games on many routes to accommodate the interests of all ages and group sizes. We also offer custom game designs for new tours and ideas. Over 10 year in the Austin market has made us experts on designing the right game for your experience.

Our tours include:

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