Haunted Austin Adventure

More Exciting Than Any Room Escape Adventure Game

Haunted Austin Adventure

At the historic Driskill Hotel, there is a portrait of a little girl holding some flowers on the third floor that causes a bit of a buzz — literally as well as figuratively. Folks say that when they look at it, they get a curious tingling sensation of their heels being lifted into the air. After that, their equilibrium is off for several hours. Witnesses at this hotel report hearing sounds of people upstairs when no one is there, and feeling something they can’t see touching their face and arms. Also, apparitions have been seen sitting in chairs or at windows.

These are the type of stories you will learn about while enjoying a challenging digital GPS scavenger hunt game played on provided iPads. Your group will use an action pack to solve difficult riddles and puzzles. The game includes augmented reality that is fun for all ages.

After a year of testing, our software is ready to challenge you. Austin Cluetivity offers a wide variety of games similar to the escape game category but more specifically puzzle solving games. It’s not a surprise that GPS software games are taking over the room escape game niche. Players can enter these secret and mysterious worlds, and start a GPS adventure to see if you can complete the mission before it is too late.

You can reserve this experience and travel downtown to play these amazing but challenging GPS puzzle games. These puzzle games are not only fun to play, but playing also has positive effects on cognitive functions. It may improve your math skills; your memory and logic while enjoying the process of finding hidden places around town before time runs out. Sound fun? Let’s play.

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